August 2016 Issue 

Don't just send kids back to school-send them back to school on a mission from God.


You can start by praying The Disciplemaker's Prayer together before they leave for school in the morning.

Praying together before school? I know. It's crazy. Right?

Dream with me for a minute: What might God do in and through us if we really prayed this prayer together from our hearts on a regular basis?

Here's a thought: Loving God, loving people, and making disciplemakers might actually become a way of life that spreads infectiously to others-and changes the world.

That's exactly how Jesus lived-and changed the world.

And here's another crazy thought: This prayer isn't just for the kids.

Yeah, that's getting a little too personal, ain't it?

But that's the point my friend. We have to live on a disciplemaking mission from God if we want kids to be on a disciplemaking mission from God.

And that's probably the main reason why many of us will just send kids back to school.

So are you going to simply send kids back to school-or are you going to send them back to school on a mission from God-and join them?

I dare you.

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