January 2014 Issue 

By Bill Allison

Changed Forever

  • Are you tired of the same old mediocre spiritual life?

  • Would you like to make 2015 a breakout year spiritually speaking?

  • Not sure you even believe it can happen in your life?

  • This below is for you. Read on. I dare you...

    "This Has Changed Me Forever"
    Dear Bill,

    One year ago, I received an email from you-challenging me to read the Bible through with some friends.

    It was life-changing.

    After receiving your email, I forwarded it to a few friends from my church. I also printed off copies of the "guilt-free" year-long reading Bible reading schedule and gave them to members of our church-encouraging them to embark on this faith filled journey.

    A few started, some are still working on it, but two of us are finishing on December 31st.

    It has been an incredible journey. Tough at times. But by far the most rewarding life-changing experience for us.

    So thank you. If you had not sent the email, it probably never would of happened. I feel I have such a deeper understanding of God, Jesus, and what I should be do in doing with my life.

    This has changed me forever!!!!

    So I once again this year, we are encouraging others to give it a try.

    Thank you again for this life changing email. Wishing you and your family a Happy New Year.

    -Robin Martinson, St. Paul, MN

    Here's the original email.
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