January 2016 Issue 

By Bill Allison

Would you like a better, stronger relationship with God?

By far the single most important thing I did in 2015 that helped my relationship with God was reading through the Bible-with some friends.

News Flash: A better, stronger relationship with God will not happen accidentally.

This is YOUR invitation to invite your friends to take a life-changing Bible reading adventure together in 2016.
  1. Here's WHY you probably won't do this. (Just keeping it real.)
  2. Here's HOW you can pull this off if you dare to go for it.
  3. Here's our reading plan for 2016. (Check it out.)
  4. Here's an online community for sharing what we learn together.
  5. Here's a great story what God can do if you dare to try in 2016.

So, WHO needs to do this with you this year?

What are you waiting for?

Share this Cadre Connection with them right now.

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