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Why You Are Stuck and What You Can Do About It

Free Download of February 2013 Cadre Connection.

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Free Audio on Jesus and Disciplemaking.

Radio interview on disciplemaking with Bill Allison.

Downloads: 1620   |   Filename: Disciplemaking_GreatNewsRadio.mp3

Seven Biblical Ways to Encourage Your Pastor

Radio interview on how you can encourage your pastor, with Bill Allison.

Downloads: 1557   |   Filename: EncourageYourPastor_Parts1&2.mp3

PDF, School: Get them to Waste It (Email From Hell)

PDF from the Email Hell Series... School: Get them to waste it...

Downloads: 1637   |   Filename: efh-school-handout.pdf

MP3, School: Get them to Waste It (Email From Hell)

Audio/MP3 from the Email from Hell Series... School: Get them to waste it.

Downloads: 1645   |   Filename: efh-school-complete.mp3

Grow, Minister & Lead (Download Edition)

Ten training sessions to help you Grow, Minister, and Lead as a volunteer in the church!

Clicks: 1977   |   URL: Why_Training.pdf

The Disciplemakers Prayer...

Downloads: 3488   |   Filename: DisciplemakersPrayer.pdf

Free Disciplemmaking Audio

Free Disciplemaking Audio, listen to radio interview on WPEO with Bill Allison!

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The Disciplemaking Genius of Jesus—Part 9

Download Part 9!

Downloads: 2494   |   Filename: CCDisciplemakingGeniusofJesusPt9.pdf

The Disciplemaking Genius of Jesus—Part 8

Free download of Part 8!

Downloads: 2659   |   Filename: TheDisciplemakingGeniusofJesusPt8.pdf

Are You Sick of New Year’s Resolutions? Me Too!

Start the new year with successful resolutions. Download the PDF now!

Downloads: 3267   |   Filename: New_Years_Resolutions_2011.pdf

Programming 4 Discipleship (Parts 1-4)


When it comes to youth ministry, God’s largest army of workers is often the most ignored and ill-equipped.

To whom do I refer to as immense, ignored, and ill-equipped?

I’m talking about my heros: VOLUNTEER YOUTH WORKERS! (Yes, I know that text is shouting, but I just couldn’t help myself.)

Cadre Ministries is glad to offer four FREE 30-minute downloadable audio training along with four FREE downloadable ten-page training manual aimed squarely at helping volunteer youth workers program their youth ministries for discipleship.

Your guide on this audio/PDF training journey is Bill Allison, a.k.a. Volunteer Coach Man. It’s going to be a fun, fast-moving, and sometimes out-of-control training adventure... so buckle your seat belts!

Clicks: 3952   |   URL:

Leading When You Want to Quit

It’s FREE from your biggest fans at Cadre Ministries. But since it’s FREE, it’s too good NOT to share. So why not tell a friend about the FREE download, Leading When You Want to Quit.

Clicks: 5502   |   URL:

7 Biblical Ways God Wants You to Encourage Your Pastor

Perhaps the greatest gift you could give your pastor for Pastor Appreciation this month is a congregation that is equipped with the seven biblical ways God wants them to encourage the pastor. Download this free PDF!

Clicks: 4207   |   URL:

E-mail From Hell: SYATP Handout

An excerpt from the E-mail From Hell for students, and how to keep them from "See You at the Pole" rallies.

Clicks: 4356   |   URL:

E-mail From Hell (SYATP) Audio (MP3)

A dramatic audio download from E-mail From Hell (MP3 audio download)

Clicks: 3503   |   URL:

PDF: Mission Trip Land Mines

Ten mission trip land mines you must avoid. A checklist covenant for each team member. A mission trip training session. Recommended mission trip resources for your team.

Downloads: 5804   |   Filename: mission_trip_land_mines.pdf

2-Page Evangelism Training Session

This is a real letter I received from a student who was at a camp I spoke at one summer. Read her story and then explore the discussion question on the next page

Downloads: 4369   |   Filename: Free_Evan_Train_session.pdf

Breaking Free: From Caregiver to Equipper

The Free PDF download associated with November 2009 Cadre Connection, by Greg Ogden.

Downloads: 5934   |   Filename: From_caregiver_to_equipper.pdf

Joys of Volunteer Led Youth Ministry (PDF)

Not "Just" Volunteers, article published in the Fall 2009 EFCA Catalyst newsletter.

Downloads: 4335   |   Filename: Joys_of_Volunteer-Led_YM.pdf

Our Present Power (Sample)

Free sample chapter from New Cadre Resource, Our Present Power, by Jennifer Kvamme! Buy it Now

Downloads: 3830   |   Filename: Our Present Power (Sample).pdf

Getaway Like Jesus (PDF)

This book will help you learn to pace like Jesus and pray like Jesus by studying his getaways with his Father

Downloads: 5568   |   Filename: getawaylikejesus-sample.pdf

FREE MP3 DOWNLOAD: Stepping Into God's Purposes for Your Life!

Free MP3 message by Bill Allison, learn to live in God's purposes for your life!

Downloads: 4618   |   Filename: GodsPurposes.mp3

FREE BOOK: Dialogue #1--Training Makes All the Difference

Download this free PDF Book, and learn why training makes all the difference!

Downloads: 5956   |   Filename: cadre_dialogue1.pdf

Free MP3 Download: Three Secrets for Sexual Purity!

Another free MP3 message download!

Downloads: 4438   |   Filename: SexualPurity.mp3

FREE BOOK: Dialogue #2--The Training Genius of Jesus

"The Training Genius of Jesus." This is dialogue #2 and is a free PDF download!

Downloads: 6144   |   Filename: cadre_dialogue2.pdf

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