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We love helping existing and new friends be encouraged and equipped as disciplemakers. We're able to share these FREE TOOLS with you because of the generosity of our Cadre Support team.

We believe you'll be equipped and encouraged in your friendships as you love God, love people and make disciplemakers.

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FREE EBOOK: Dialogue #1 Jesus-like Training Makes All the Difference

Grow as a multiplying disciplemaker as you wrestle this Cadre dialogue on Jesus-like training. A printed edition is available in the Cadre online store, but you can download this free PDF EBook, and learn why training makes all the difference!

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FREE EBOOK: Dialogue #2 The Training Genius of Jesus

Grow as a multiplier as you learn the equipping difference between Speaking, Preaching, Teaching and Training. This is a tool designed to be wrestled as a dialogue. Printed copies are available in the Cadre store, but here we're providing a free ebook/pdf edition for your use as a disciplemaking influencer.

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Getaway Like Jesus - Ebook Chapter One

This tool will help you learn to pace like Jesus and pray like Jesus by studying his getaways with his Father. This free chapter illustrates the daily "WITH" God priorities that were owned and practiced by Jesus and his friends.

Downloads: 7444   |   Filename: getawaylikejesus-sample.pdf

Joys of Volunteer Led Youth Ministry (PDF)

Not "Just" Volunteers, article published in the Fall 2009 EFCA Catalyst newsletter.

Downloads: 5442   |   Filename: Joys_of_Volunteer-Led_YM.pdf

2-Page Evangelism Training Session

This is a real letter I received from a student who was at a camp I spoke at one summer. Read her story and then explore the discussion question on the next page

Downloads: 5540   |   Filename: Free_Evan_Train_session.pdf

Why I Dislike New Years Resolutions

Start the new year with successful resolutions. Download the PDF now!

Downloads: 4341   |   Filename: New_Years_Resolutions_2011.pdf

Leading When You Want to Quit

Its FREE from your biggest fans at Cadre Ministries. But since its FREE, its too good NOT to share. So why not tell a friend about the FREE download, Leading When You Want to Quit.

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PDF: Mission Trip Land Mines

Ten mission trip land mines you must avoid. A checklist covenant for each team member. A mission trip training session. Recommended mission trip resources for your team.

Downloads: 6937   |   Filename: mission_trip_land_mines.pdf

7 Biblical Ways God Wants You to Encourage Your Pastor

Perhaps the greatest gift you could give your pastor for Pastor Appreciation this month is a congregation that is equipped with the seven biblical ways God wants them to encourage the pastor. Download this free PDF!

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Why You Are Stuck and What You Can Do About It

Free Download of February 2013 Cadre Connection.

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Free Audio on Jesus and Disciplemaking.

Radio interview on disciplemaking with Bill Allison.

Downloads: 2435   |   Filename: Disciplemaking_GreatNewsRadio.mp3

Seven Biblical Ways to Encourage Your Pastor

Radio interview on how you can encourage your pastor, with Bill Allison.

Downloads: 2389   |   Filename: EncourageYourPastor_Parts1&2.mp3

PDF, School: Get them to Waste It (Email From Hell)

PDF from the Email Hell Series... School: Get them to waste it...

Downloads: 2613   |   Filename: efh-school-handout.pdf

MP3, School: Get them to Waste It (Email From Hell)

Audio/MP3 from the Email from Hell Series... School: Get them to waste it.

Downloads: 2476   |   Filename: efh-school-complete.mp3

Grow, Minister & Lead (Download Edition)

Ten training sessions to help you Grow, Minister, and Lead as a volunteer in the church!

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The Disciplemakers Prayer...

Downloads: 4828   |   Filename: DisciplemakersPrayer.pdf

Free Disciplemmaking Audio

Free Disciplemaking Audio, listen to radio interview on WPEO with Bill Allison!

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The Disciplemaking Genius of JesusPart 9

Download Part 9!

Downloads: 3506   |   Filename: CCDisciplemakingGeniusofJesusPt9.pdf

The Disciplemaking Genius of JesusPart 8

Free download of Part 8!

Downloads: 3742   |   Filename: TheDisciplemakingGeniusofJesusPt8.pdf

Programming 4 Discipleship (Parts 1-4)


When it comes to youth ministry, Gods largest army of workers is often the most ignored and ill-equipped.

To whom do I refer to as immense, ignored, and ill-equipped?

Im talking about my heros: VOLUNTEER YOUTH WORKERS! (Yes, I know that text is shouting, but I just couldnt help myself.)

Cadre Ministries is glad to offer four FREE 30-minute downloadable audio training along with four FREE downloadable ten-page training manual aimed squarely at helping volunteer youth workers program their youth ministries for discipleship.

Your guide on this audio/PDF training journey is Bill Allison, a.k.a. Volunteer Coach Man. Its going to be a fun, fast-moving, and sometimes out-of-control training adventure... so buckle your seat belts!

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E-mail From Hell: SYATP Handout

An excerpt from the E-mail From Hell for students, and how to keep them from "See You at the Pole" rallies.

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E-mail From Hell (SYATP) Audio (MP3)

A dramatic audio download from E-mail From Hell (MP3 audio download)

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Breaking Free: From Caregiver to Equipper

The Free PDF download associated with November 2009 Cadre Connection, by Greg Ogden.

Downloads: 7206   |   Filename: From_caregiver_to_equipper.pdf

Our Present Power (Sample)

Free sample chapter from New Cadre Resource, Our Present Power, by Jennifer Kvamme! Buy it Now

Downloads: 4758   |   Filename: Our Present Power (Sample).pdf

FREE MP3 DOWNLOAD: Stepping Into God's Purposes for Your Life!

Free MP3 message by Bill Allison, learn to live in God's purposes for your life!

Downloads: 5508   |   Filename: GodsPurposes.mp3

Free MP3 Download: Three Secrets for Sexual Purity!

Another free MP3 message download!

Downloads: 5203   |   Filename: SexualPurity.mp3

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